3 Ways to Stop the Churn that Hampers Productivity

Posted by Janice Russell onSeptember08,2017

Using an ice cream churn leads to a yummy treat. The spinning of a butter churn results is a tasty topping for fresh bread.

Unfortunately, when this constant bubbling enters the realm of productivity, the outcome is unhelpful unless you learn how to stop the churn.

Here's how to break the churn cycle and increase your productivity:

Minimize the mental murmurs. Your brain pings-pongs from one thought to another generating anxiety and tasks galore. You begin one job just to get distracted and start on something else. So you've got two activities going on when another responsibility pops into your head and off you go to tackle that.

You're experiencing task and stuff-overwhelm which can lead to analysis paralysis.

It's time to disrupt the brain chatter! One approach is to practice mindfulness. This can be a pause of varying lengths of time. If you want to learn more, check out our Mindfulness: a way to improve focus  articles.

Terminate the task churn. You continually move some 3 Ways to Stop the Churn that Hampers Productivity_Minding Your Matters tipstasks around and procrastinate others. Unfortunately, many of them are not finished. Then new jobs enter the queue.

Task-overwhelm is in full swing and your anxiety is mounting.

It's time to toss the crushing avalanche of activities! One way is to pause and ask yourself: "What is the one most important (but small) action I can take right now to move forward?" Do that step and then ask the question again. It's crucial that it be a small step so you can complete it in a short amount of time.

Stop the "stuff shuffle." You sort a stack of papers and end up with about the same number, just in different piles. You sort clothes scattered in your bedroom. Now you've got labeled piles: donation, laundry, put away, etc. Unfortunately, one pile is in front of your dresser so you need to move it to get into a drawer. It's great that your clothes are categorized, but they still aren't in permanent homes.

My guess is that you're still feeling stuff-overwhelm and it's preventing you from finishing other to-do's.

It's time to cease moving your items around! Instead, pause and ask yourself: "What decision needs to be made here?" If the paper needs to be filed, file it. If the clothes need to be donated, fill a bag and take it to your car.

In all three scenarios, having support from someone: friend, co-worker, coach, etc. greatly increases the likelihood of success.

If you'd like some objective assistance creating a non-churning and productive environment in your professional or personal life, Minding Your Matters® is happy to lend a hand. Call us TODAY at 919-467-7058. Don't put up with churning for another day!