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2 Instances when Saying "I can't" Increases your Productivity

Posted by Janice Russell onApril22,2016

Yes, you read that correctly!

According to conventional wisdom, declaring "I can't" is self-limiting. 2 Instances when Saying "I can't" Increases your Productivity_Minding Your MattersIn most situations, this is very true.

However, in our ever-changing times, there are two occasions in which saying, "I can't" is extremely beneficial.


3 Strategies to Halt your Hodgepodge of Unproductive Activity

Posted by Janice Russell onApril15,2016

One definition of hodgepodge is "a jumbled mixture."1 I think that pretty aptly describes our schedules these days. We are so busy that we go from place to place frantically trying to get items checked off our list. And in any single place, such as the office, we may change tasks every couple of minutes. "Multi-tasking is necessary if I'm to get everything done!" you say.