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The Calm is Never Coming

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onJuly27,2016

Since I had a baby, my house never feels clean enough. Of course I clean. But I find I have less time to clean than I used to, which means I clean here and there, so that rooms are “good enough.” I used to take a few hours each week and tackle most of the house. I no longer find that chunk of time, which forces me to clean piecemeal. I was trying out a cleaning schedule for awhile, but I’ve been too busy even to stick to that. It’s rather unsatisfactory to always have one room clean while others are dirty.


Storage Solutions for Organizing Your Home

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onJuly25,2016

Today's post is a guest blog entry from Bryce Hall of Woodmaster Woodworks. Woodmaster Woodworks has served the Eastern and Central North Carolina and Virginia area since 2002. They specialize in custom interior trim and custom cabinets & installation.