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Matter Minder Motivations

Vinyl, Ostriches & Organization

Posted by Janice Russell onSeptember16,2014

Do you feel stuck in too much stuff or too many tasks? What have you done to get out of your stuckness?

Some readers remember the days of vinyl records. For those too young to know what I'm talking about, they looked like huge CDs and were played on big pieces of equipment called record players or stereos.

The problem with albums occurred if the needle got stuck. A scratch, piece of lint or some other small object could cause the needle to get stuck in one place from which it couldn't move. So you would hear the same sound over and over and over.


Step by Step: Organizing Maternity Clothes

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onSeptember10,2014

Among many things one must organize when preparing for a new baby is clothes. Not baby clothes - mine.