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3 Keys to Keeping on Top of the Rapidly Changing Information in Your Profession

Posted by Janice Russell onMarch20,2015

Used to be that you would read magazines, newspapers, and books or attend live classes or meetings in order to stay current on changes in your industry or workplace. Technology has increased the ways we access such information by adding emails, websites, and virtual training via teleclasses or webinars.

The speed at which new data is available is greater than the amount of time to review it. As a result, you will never be able to learn everything about your industry! I hate to burst your bubble:-)


Productivity: Not Every Distraction is Created Equally

Posted by Janice Russell onMarch13,2015

Squirrels. Bright shiny objects. Interruptions. 

It doesn't matter what we call distractions. What matters is how we handle them.

We encounter distractions everywhere. They may be external or internal. They may be small or large. They can work for us or against us.