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Create Your Own Version of an Organized Desk to Increase Your Productivity

Posted by Janice Russell onJanuary29,2015

The piece of furniture known as a desk was originally created as a piece of furniture with a surface to be used for task-related activities.


Bicycle, Balance and Being (Organized & Productive)

Posted by Janice Russell onJanuary22,2015

If you sit still on a bicycle, it's very hard to keep your balance.

Sooner or later, you will be leaning on one side.

And just staying there.

Compare that with pedaling, not at such a slow pace where
you're wobbling all over the place and not a such a fast pace
where it's easy for you to crash, but a moderate one.

And it's when you do that - when you engage in constant
steady, motion - that's when you find the balance you've been
looking for all this time. ~ Mark Foo