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Matter Minder Motivations

Disorganization: Five Factors and How to Neutralize Them

Posted by Janice Russell onSeptember30,2014


Just like there are lots of ways to get organized, there are lots of reasons why you may be disorganized. Often, knowing the cause or causes of your disorganization helps you counteract it more effectively.

In Disorganization: Five Reasons and How to Counteract Them, I revealed five factors that might lead to clutter. This blog post will list additional causes.


The Stress We Give Ourselves

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onSeptember24,2014

As I drove to an appointment, feeling rushed, it hit me: I control my level of stress.

I can blame no one else for scheduling meetings too close together. I can't blame someone else when I was the one who agreed to volunteer for that extra project.