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3 Productivity Perils of Rolling Through a Stop Sign

Posted by Janice Russell onNovember20,2015

I'm sure you've done it: rolled through a stop sign while driving as you barely tap the breaks. Unless we are stopped by the police or in an accident as a result of "not stopping," there's often not much incentive to cease the "rolling stop."

Unfortunately, this "rolling stop" often carries over into other areas of our lives. Before we know it, our lives are hurtling forward at a crazy pace that scarcely leaves room for a breath.


3 Signs it's Time to Quit

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onNovember18,2015

I recently resigned from a nonprofit board of directors on which I serve. Saying goodbye is difficult. I've been part of the organization for more than five years, and it's a group I want to see succeed. I know my involvement has made a difference. But it is time to go.