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Matter Minder Motivations

"Am I The Worst (Clutterer) You've Ever Seen?"

Posted by Janice Russell onOctober16,2014

Am I The Worst Clutterer You've Ever SeenPotential clients have told me over the phone, "I'm probably the worst you've ever seen." Some people have asked, "Am I the worst you've ever seen?" when I am in their space for the first time.


How to Reach 'Inbox Zero' Every Single Day

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onOctober08,2014

The other day I reached the much-sought-after "Inbox Zero."

Because I have multiple email addresses all feeding into one place, it's an event whose frequency is on par with this week's lunar eclipse. I tweeted about it in excitement and someone asked how I got there. Really, it's not as miraculous as it sounds; it simply takes the discipline to make decisions and some time. 

The truth is, I could achieve Inbox Zero every day for at least a few minutes — if I did this.