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How 3 Jars Can Help You Organize Your Time

Posted by Janice Russell onNovember25,2014

When it comes to organizing, we often feel rushed and pressed for time. Many times, it's because we're not realistic in allotting enough time for the tasks in the day. One solution is to create a visual that can help you track the time.

Here's one example:


3 Ways to Handle the Backlog of Un-named Digital Photos

Posted by Janice Russell onNovember21,2014

If you're like many people, you have a bunch of digital photos on a variety of devices. As long as the devices work, you can find the photos by scrolling through the pictures on each device until you find the one you want.

If you're a bit more organized, all of your photos are in one location in the cloud and are possibly in categories.

If you're beyond that point, you might have renamed the pictures so they are more meaningful than the string of numbers and letters that is usually the default setting.