Clear Your Brain by Using Labels to Organize

Posted by Jennifer Suarez onSeptember16,2015

My brain is packed. So packed that I keep forgetting things. It's my fault, of course. I've said "yes" too many times.

Luckily, labels are helping me out. Janice and I often talk about our love for labels, and I'm sure some of you still aren't convinced. I just discovered a new use for them that's clearing up some brain space, and I'm excited: my skin care routine.

My skin care routine includes some things that happen every day (such as cleansing) and some things that happen only twice a week, such as a special moisturizer that sits on my face for a few minutes. I wanted to pick two days per week that I would do this, but trying to remember which ones I chose was tough. So I labeled the bottles: "daily" or "Mon, Thurs."

You might find it silly that I need labels to manage something like skin care. But that is exactly my point: I can use labels for the silly stuff so I can keep my brain clear to remember and think about the important things I need to do. Why bother trying to remember which shelf holds my workout clothes versus my T-shirts?

Lately, I'm using them for:

  • Daycare. Bottles, clothes, packs of diaper wipes. It all has to be labeled so I get my daughter's stuff back. Just the other day we somehow brought home someone else's bottle. Luckily, it has a label, so I know to return it.
  • Earbuds. It's not a real label, but a tiny piece of tape as a way to mark which earbud is "left." That way I can fumble in the dark and still put them in the correct ear for my morning jog. 
  • Food. I never used to worry about labeling stuff in the freezer. But now I've got more in there. Was that chicken or beef in the foil? What date did we make that barbecue that's now leftover in the freezer? It's especially important for my daughter's food, now that I'm cooking more for her to eat. 

Share your label love: what are you labeling lately? 

Photo by Jamie.