Hone in on Home Organization

Are you tired of looking for items like keys, clothes and toilet paper? Is clutter at home cluttering your mind during the day?

It's time to Hone in on Home Organization! Clutter is the enemy of organization and disarray in one area can impact how effective you are in all areas—at home, in your mind, at work and at play.

This downloadable audio will help you organize your home in a way that will help you be more organized personally and professionally. Listeners will learn tools to organize spaces from from the garage to the bathroom. This 76-minute audio has 3 different tracks. A downloadable PDF document is included with the audio files.

Listen to the sample audio:

Content includes: Hone in on Home Organization

  • Section I - 20 minutes
    • Foundation
    • Start Off on the Right Foot
  • Section II - 28 minutes
    • Household Departments
    • Ideas for Rooms
  • Section III - 28 minutes
    • Organizing Do's and Don'ts

Listen when, where, and as often you want. Fill in the downloadable 7 page handout or simply use it as a reference. Get started on the path to organization with lasting results™ today! List Price: $14.99 Special Discount: Price: $9.95

Price: $9.95