How To Pack So You Can Avoid Luggage Fees

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Lugging your luggage isn't easy. And in these days of extra baggage fees, it's not cheap. But how to do you pack everything you need without overstuffing and without leaving that important item behind? Organizing Professional Janice Russell, CPO-CD, offers the solutions in a new ebook: "How to Pack So You Can Avoid Luggage Fees." This ultimate packing guide for travelers breaks down each part of the packing process, from planning to selecting your wardrobe to fitting it all into a suitcase.

"Stuffing your suitcase often stems from misinformation or indecision," said Russell, whose guide includes information about why we overpack. "By breaking down the process in steps, I can show people how to pack less, avoiding extra luggage fees and tired arms."

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the how-to handbook provides solutions for all types of travelers.

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