Home Organizing Services

"Overwhelmed” or “chaotic” are words that are often spoken in regard to life in the 21st century home. Being organized is essential in having a peaceful home.

At Minding Your Matters®, we assist overwhelmed homeowners

  • Capture incoming documents (paper and electronic) so you can find the important ones
  • Record vital tasks and appointments so you can create a manageable schedule
  • Transform clutter into calm so you can find your stuff in a flash

How do we deliver these results? We help residential clients:

  • Discover ways to reduce the amount of information (physical and digital) entering the home
  • Create easily maintainable and accessible filing systems for paper and electronic documents
  • Determine the most suitable scheduling and task format to be used by family members
  • Designate the best means to house photos and memorabilia
  • Establish logical and accessible “homes” for all items
  • Recognize clutter habits and ways to break them

Minding Your Matters® recognizes that your home life can change quickly. As such, we believe in creating systems using the Flexible Structure Method™. This approach means that you need enough structure in place to feel organized. At the same time, you want the systems to be flexible enough that when life transitions occur, the systems only need to be tweaked and not totally reinvented.

Minding Your Matters® provides assessments and written plans for people who intend to implement their own organizing solutions, hands-on sessions for people who choose to work with a Minding Your Matters® team member, coaching around organizing challenges either on-site or virtually (Ordered Minds) and/or seminars (Bring Order To) for people who would like to learn home organizing skills in a group setting.

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