Service Choices and Pricing


Ready to get your life back in order?  Then we are ready to help.  Minding Your Matters® offers three options all of which start with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.  So what are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and take back control of your life.

•    Minding Your Matters® Hands – On: Our most popular choice!

Ready to jump in and get things started right away?  If you are here, on this website, chances are that you are.  Minding You Matters® Hands-On pairs you with one of our organizers and side-by-side you will begin to work through the chaos and clutter.  It starts with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.  Once the initial information is gathered, an appointment time is made and the process starts.  An initial visual survey of the space is followed by hands-on organizing in the area identified as the “top priority” space to be organized. At the end of the first appointment, the organizer will provide a written proposal of the remaining work to be done and if approved, will set additional appointments to help you attain organization with lasting results™. All appointments are a minimum of 2 hours.

•    Starting to Mind Your MattersA simple beginning choice

Want to get an idea of what will be involved? Then we can do that as well.  Again this all starts with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.  A Minding Your Matters® Organizing Consultant will then visit the space to be organized. This initial visit is a one or two hour appointment to survey the area, assess organizing difficulties, and to generate a written work proposal which includes  an estimate of the number of hours required to complete the job.  The estimate can be agreed upon then and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled or the client may need time to think about the options.  Either way the Organizing Consultant will then leave the client with personalized list of the top five organizing tips for their space.  These can be used to start the organization process.

•    Guiding You to Mind Your Matters The “Do It Yourself” choice

You see where you want to go, you think you can do it on your own, but you need a map so you don’t get lost.  Minding Your Matters® can provide that map. Like the first two options above, the process starts with a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION and an onsite assessment of the space.  This assessment is a bit different though.  A Minding Your Matters® Professional Organizing Consultant will conduct an assessment which includes a thorough site-survey of the areas that need organizing and an in-depth investigation of the preferences and requirements of the person or people who plan to use the space. The end product is an action list and a packet of helpful tips and information which will help you declutter and reorganize the identified problem areas. This written plan includes tasks to be done, items to buy, items to move to another location, and decisions to be made. You can then choose to tackle the project yourself or to enlist the services of Minding Your Matters® for additional assistance.


Each client’s organizational needs are unique.

This makes having a simple “one size fits all” price impossible.  We believe that helping clients reduce the stress associated with clutter and disorganization is of great value. We also believe in fair pricing so we charge reasonable professional rates based on training, experience, and education. We have hourly rates and bulk-rate packages available for residential and business clients. Travel charges apply to those 25 miles or more from our offices. We accept checks, cash and credit cards as payment. For Minding Your Matters® Hands-On or Starting to Mind Your Matters appointments we provide a written proposal, including an estimate of organizing hours, to all clients so they are able to make an informed decision about whether our services meet their organizing needs and goals.