Productivity and Organizing Services

The Minding Your Matters® team believes that productivity and organizing are learned skills. As such, we work overwhelmed clients to help them learn the productivity and organizing systems that will work best for them. We help clients using our proprietary Flexible Structure Method™ so that organizing and productivity solutions can be modified as their life changes, but such that they do not need to "reinvent the wheel".  Contact us today to see how we can help you make a positive change in your life.

Minding Your Matters® Organizing Services

We seek to provide organizing methods and tools tailored to each individual personality and situation. Decluttering and organizing papers, electronic documents, time and “stuff” for:

  • Residences
    In residential settings, we help maximize space and organize kitchens and pantries, bedrooms and closets, and other residential areas. We assist with craft optimization for photographs, scrapbooking, and other memorabilia.
  • Businesses
    Minding Your Matters® equips business professionals to meet challenges such as information management for papers and electronic documents, employee efficiency, process improvement including applicable documentation, and meeting facilitation.
  • Time Management
    Minding Your Matters® empowers people to take control of their time in their personal and professional life. We help clients counteract procrastination, interruptions and time wasters. We identify calendars, task lists and schedules that work for the clients personality and needs. Read more... 
  • Coaching
    Whether in a scheduled phone session or during a hands-on appointment, coaching around professional or personal organizing goals is a powerful way to help clients move from their identity as it relates to stuff to their identity as an organized person. Read more…
  • Education
    In educational situations, we offer techniques for classroom or office organization including information management for papers and electronic documents. Minding Your Matters® helps students of all ages learn basic organizing concepts.
  • Professional Organizers
    Minding Your Matters® offers various training opportunities for professional organizers in any stage of their business. Read more…
  • Minding Your Matters® Organizing Seminars
    Minding Your Matters® offers seminars on a variety of organizing topics to help people understand basic organizing principles and to assist them in increasing efficiency in life or work tasks. Read more...

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