"It's Somewhere in the Black Hole of My Purse!" vs. The Organized Purse

Posted by Janice Russell onMay07,2012

The person in front of me at the check-out in Bed, Bath and Beyond was frantically searching through her purse for a $5 off coupon she knew was in there. She commented to the clerk, "I know it's somewhere in this black hole." Since I always have plenty of their coupons, I gave her one of mine. She said she's give me one back when she found it. And once she found it, she said, "I knew once I calmed down that I would find it." Before our chance encounter ended, I showed her what I consider to be a crucial piece of my purse organization - the Purse Perfector.

Purse Perfector is purse organizer handbag insert. As there are a number on the market, and I've looked at many of them, let me explain why I prefer the Perfector.

  • two sizes and each can be configured in several ways.
  • variety of compartments and slots
  • suggestions for what goes where
  • sturdy
  • washable
  • pretty
  • made in the U.S. (important to me as an American)

I'm so excited about the Purse Perfector, that I even made a video showing how I use it in my purse. (By the way, I don't receive any compensation from Purse Perfector.)

Since that may not give you enough information, here is more information from their website:

Purse Perfector for an Organized PurseThe unique design allows for simplified organization; ensuring no more digging at the bottom of a purse for keys or lipstick. And because it’s so easy to transfer to another handbag or bag, the Purse Perfector enables women to change purses more often, ... the tailored construction allows women to easily assemble all of the items they carry in their purses into the stand-alone organizer. Featuring a center pocket that can fit larger items such as checkbooks, passports or photos, the Purse Perfector has a larger section that can hold wallets, pens, glasses or make-up. The smaller section is ideal for phones, medication, lipsticks and business cards. Because the Purse Perfector unzips, it is readily customizable to purses and bags of all sizes. When unzipped, one can be used in a smaller purse or separated for bags with divided compartments.

Now I know that different people have different organizing needs, so it's possible that the Purse Perfector might not be perfect for everyone. But my bottom-line is the versatility. Plus, I can reach into my purse without looking and find anything I need by touch and location!