Life Improvement through Increased Organization & Productivity

Life balance. It's been a buzz phrase for awhile.

The issue is that the word "balance" suggests equal proportions or a sameness. Just think of a teeter-totter. It's not very fun if one person is much heavier than the other.

Or consider the expression, "That's like comparing apples-to-oranges." This phrase infers an inequality.

So when people think of having "life balance," there is an implication that the various parts of your personal and professional life are equal.

As you've probably discovered, this is virtually impossible.

So we've decided to write a series of articles about Life Improvement because it is possible to enhance one or more areas of your life and feel more fulfilled.

For each month, we've written one article with an overall theme. Additional articles are resources or other suggestions around the same subject.

We suggest reading the articles in order as we're are giving practical suggestions to create life change.


AWARENESS: the  key to life improvement

  • Improve Your Personal & Professional Life through Awareness
  • 5 Ways to Become More Aware
  • Achieve Your Resolution to Get Organized by Starting Small


MINDFULNESS: a way to improve focus

  • Increase Your Focus with Mindfulness
  • 5 Surprising Results of Trying a Mindfulness App
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Apps to Try


DECLUTTER: free your space, calendar, & brain

  • Using Awareness and Mindfulness to Declutter
  • How to Declutter a Space in Six Steps
  • Make Decluttering Your Space a Breeze by Conquering Internal Clutter


BOUNDARIES: reclaim your space & calendar

  • Reclaim Your Life by Implementing Boundaries in Your Space & Calendar
  • Get it Done: Use Boundaries to Organize in Small Doses
  • Using Boundaries to Organize Your Time