Organizing the Photos You Take Today...and Tomorrow

Posted by Janice Russell onJune12,2012

It's so easy to take photos these days! Between smartphones and cameras you can snap tons of photos in a short period of time. The question is: what to do with those photos? And the answers are many!

  • post them to Facebook or other social media sites
  • keep them on the memory card
  • transfer them to a computer or CD
  • make a digital scrapbook
  • print them out

So many choices! And just like Organizing Photos from Your Past, organizing current photos can be overwhelming. So that you don't add current picture overwhelm to past photo overwhelm, it's best to establish a way to organize photos as you take them. The first thing you need to do is Make Smart Choices.

  1. What is the purpose of the picture?
    • Post to Facebook
    • Reminder of event
    • Background on your computer or smartphone screen
    • Other
  2. Which picture details are important?
    • Date (yes, the camera records this automatically as long as it is set correctly)
    • Place
    • People
    • Other information
  3. How will you remember the details of the picture?
    • In your mind (this isn't the best long-term solution)
    • The information that is automatically generated when a photo is taken (it's pretty basic)
    • From notes you've added

Sounds like a lot of decisions and effort. But ten or fifteen years from now when you're looking at the picture, it will be hard to remember who is it and where it was taken. And 30 years from now...

So here's what works for me. Since I tend to take a lot of photos during a short period of time Memory Manager for Organizing Photos (rather than one here and there), I upload them to the Memory Manager 3.0 program in my computer. I love the versatility of this program! I don't have to be on the internet, but I can add a story, rate, edit and enhance photos. There are lots of options available for organizing pictures on your computer; this product meets my needs. Once I have the details, I can decide what to do with the photo whenever I want. Sometimes I create a scrapbook. Sometimes I share the pictures with others. It doesn't matter what I do or how long before I do it because I have all the information.

My system may or may not work for you, but creating a photo organizing method that is functional for you will make it so much easier to enjoy your pictures in the future. If you don't have a photo organizing method, I suggest you choose one and pick a date to begin. Maybe you research various options for two weeks and then begin the new system in week three. Be consistent with current pictures before you go back and organize previous ones.

Tell me how you organize the photos you snap. Don't have a system? I'd be happy to help you create one that works for you!