Organizing Products for Everyone

Professional Organizing Products For Everyone:

Get Organized This Year! Book by Janice RussellGet Organized This Year! 

Tired of wasting time looking for items? Think that a more organized home or office could give you more time for activities you love? Do you often buy items only to find you already have them?

Then it is time to Get Organized This Year!

By using the workbook’s handy monthly check lists and simple organizing principles, you can:

  • Decrease stress
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce frustrations
  • Find a new balance in your life

Available electronically and as a paperback.

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20 Time-Tested Travel Tips

20 Time Tested Travel TipsTired of feeling overwhelmed as you prepare for a vacation? When you return from trip do you feel like you need another one? Taking a break from your regular work and home life is crucial to maintaining stamina in our busy lives. The four sections of 20 Time-Tested Travel Tips will equip you to look forward to rather than dread your next vacation:

  • Ongoing Travel Training
  • Pre-Trip Prep
  • During the Trip
  • Our Favorite Resources

Available in a variety of electronic formats.

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 Matter Minder Audio Series

Janice Russell’s hugely popular organizing classes, taught at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC are now available as downloadable audio files that everyone can own. A downloadable handout comes with each audio.

Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You

If you suffer from stuff overwhelm, this audio is your answer!
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Tackle the “No Time” Trap

If you can’t find the time to do the activities you want to do, this audio is your answer!
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Hone in on Home Organization

Need to get one or more spaces in your home organized, check out this audio!
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Contain Your Collections and Photos

Overwhelmed by photos, memorabilia or collectibles? This audio has some solutions!
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