Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You! - Audio

Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You! - Audio

Do you feel so overwhelmed by “stuff” that you have considered taking a torch to your personal clutter? Does the stress associated with these piles of confusion cause you to be less efficient in your personal tasks? It’s time to Stop Letting Stuff Overwhelm You! This downloadable audio will help expose the habits surrounding “stuff accumulation”. Listeners will learn decluttering and organizing principles that are applicable in all spaces and situations. The 103-minute audio has three separate tracks. A downloadable handout is also included with the audio files.

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Stuff OverwhelmContent includes:

  • Section I – 41 minutes

    • Introduction

    • Organizing is a Process

    • Causes of Clutter

    • Chronic Disorganization

  • Section II – 38 minutes

    • Consequences of Clutter

    • Decluttering

  • Section III – 24 minutes

    • Organizing Principles

    • My Decluttering Plan

Listen when, where, and as often you want. Fill in the downloadable 11 page handout or simply use it as a reference. Get started on the path to organization with lasting results™ today!

List Price: $14.99

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Price: $9.95