Tackle the "No Time" Trap - Audio

Tackle the "No Time" Trap - Audio

Do you want to hide whenever someone says, "Can you ...?" Whether it is a colleague or a friend, people are always asking for our time. We usually respond in one of two ways: say "yes" without thinking or say "I don't have any time." Regardless of our answer, we either feel guilty or angry. Get ready to Tackle the "No Time" Trap! Our ability to feel satisfied with how we use our time at home hinges on identifying time wasters, interruption sources, ineffective to-do list formats, inadequate calendaring methods, and inability to say "no" successfully. This downloadable audio will explore techniques to improve your ability to avoid such barriers during the 24 hours you are allotted each day. The 68-minute audio has three separate tracks.

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Stressed for TimeContent includes:

  • Section I - 28 minutes
    • Introduction
    • Foundation: Gain Time
    • Universal Tools: Decide, Delegate, Plan
  • Section II - 17 minutes
    • Time Thieves: Time Wasters, Interruption Sources, Inability to say "no"
  • Section III - 23 minutes
    • Calendar
    • To Do List

Listen when, where, and as often you want. Fill in the downloadable 10 page handout or simply use it as a reference. Get started on the path to organization with lasting resultsTM today!

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