There are testimonials from satisfied clients throughout the website. Below are additional referrals from clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janice. If you are willing to put in the effort, she can help you operate at the level you know you are capable of when at you are at your best.

Vice President, Raleigh, N.C. (Read his entire letter of recommendation)

Organizing is so important to my self-care that Minding Your Matters® is a line item on my budget.

Susan, Raleigh

It would have been impossible without you.


I can park my car in my garage because of Minding Your Matters.®


It was such a treat to meet & work with you! We have made leaps & bounds, far more than I thought we would by this point since I have the entire family on board and excited about the entire decluttering & organizing process.

R. Jones

You’ve done wonderful things for my mother. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.


I had organized my pantry many times, but it never seemed to work. Minding Your Matters® helped me organize the pantry in a way that makes everything truly accessible.


I used Minding Your Matters® (recommended from a friend) to help my mom overcome the burden of sorting & cleaning out her home after the death of my father. The loss of my father was very traumatic and the 'cleaning & sorting' afterwards was not something I was looking forward to. I hired Minding Your Matters® and was truly grateful that I had. Not only was the ordeal successful, but my mom was happy not sad & she wasn't overly tired in the end. Kc came to the house & not only put my mom at ease but she made her laugh & reflect on some of the good things in her life. Mom's do not often take their kids advice but are more willing to listen to an expert in the organizing field. Not only did mom listen but she has realized how to keep things at a manageable level with her paperwork, bills, magazines, clothes (yes, even getting rid of old clothes that she hasn't worn for years). I highly recommend Minding Your Matters® and plan to use them again. The whole ordeal was a successful learning process for not only my mom but for myself as well.

Beth, North Carolina

This week was better by having my living room much neater & organized in helpful ways. Thanks.


Having just finished the course on Organizing Your Office, I am ready to finally roll up my sleeves and tackle my filing system. I am confident that my piles of “stuff” will now find good homes! Thanks, Janice!

Larry Grossman, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Reliable Accounting Services, Raleigh, NC

I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation last night. It was informative and entertaining! I think we are all frustrated to some degree with our lack of organization and you were able to show us how to conquer it!

Becky, Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, Raleigh, NC

Through Minding Your Matters® I have learned to productively plan my days, my time, and activities. Before hiring Janice as a professional organizer, my life was simply “out of order”. Activities and everyday tasks had no place in my 24 hours per day. The sessions have helped me to realize that time is important and the way we manage it is just as important. It is a great tool that is to be used carefully and wisely. Now I know that I can take control over my time rather than it control me. Taking advantage of these sessions and allowing them to work for you is one of the most important investments you can make in your time management, a most precious asset.

Amy C., Durham, NC

I appreciate you helping me get my filing system under control. I am able to find items quickly and easily. No more searching!

Xavier Artis, Administrator, Rosehaven Rest Home, NC

Janice was able to come in, listen to my needs, and come up with a solution to my problem quickly and at a reasonable fee. I recommend her to anyone who wants to get more organized.


At first considering [Janice’s] services we were skeptical. We thought we were too small, too smart and too busy. Her seminar was very insightful and also addressed issues particular to our company. Since we started applying the concepts we have learned, we have seen a marked improvement in the focus and productivity of our employees.

Julius West, USA Financial Discount Mortgage Brokers

Janice, On behalf of the NC Notary Association Board and the members of the Association, I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation which you presented at our annual meeting. Your topic “Minding Your Matters” was timely to all NC notaries. Your suggestions for keeping the clutter down, the organization of all things whether it be home, work, car, etc. was helpful. Again, please accept our thanks for your assistance in making this an outstanding Professional Conference for our NC notaries.

Faye Senter, Treasurer NCNA

Janice, I found my ideal planner, bought literature sorters and wonder how I never noticed how much I would like hanging folders/tabs. Thank you again for your help. It has made a big difference in my daily routine. I feel so much more productive and feel better about the day.

M.T., Teacher

I was in a bad state of affairs. I had the talent, the motivation, and the skills to become a top sales person, but not the organization to really keep things running smoothly. I was missing opportunities left and right from a mere lack of organization. Janice Russell with Minding Your Matters® showed me how to manage my paper flow, and maximize the space I already had to keep things organized. She offered amazing techniques on how to reduce unnecessary clutter, and how to keep my information stored in a fashion that would not only be easy to access, but also easy to maintain. She understands each person has his/her own specific difficulties and weaknesses and customizes a system for each individual. Best of all, even though I felt a little silly for needing help, she made me feel totally comfortable and at ease.