Time Management Services

 "I never have enough time!" is a frequent complaint from people at all stages of life. We always seem to have more tasks than hours. Minding Your Matters® empowers people to organize their time and manage themselves. 

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Both business and residential clients of Minding Your Matters® will benefit from personalized organizing solutions in the following areas:

  • Discovering how to effectively counteract time wasters and interruptions
  • Creating statements to effectively say “no” to requests
  • Establishing successful planning, prioritizing and delegating habits
  • Determining functional calendar and to-do formats 
  • Recognizing the difference between projects, tasks and routine
  • Identifying ways to overcome procrastination
  • Implementing schedule changes around energy cycles

Minding Your Matters® recognizes that people and tasks are constantly asking for your time. As such, we believe in creating productivity systems using the Flexible Structure Method™. This concept means that while we want enough structure in place that people feel that their time is organized; we want the systems to be flexible enough that when the demands on your time change, the way you organize your time only need to be tweaked and not totally reinvented. 

Minding Your Matters® provides assessments and written plans for people who intend to implement their own time organizing solutions, hands-on organizing sessions for people who choose to work with an organizing consultant to bring their time organizing goals to life, coaching around time organizing challenges either on-site or via phone, and seminars for people who would like to learn time organizing skills in a group setting.